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Dishwashers Cabinet Alterations

Dishwashers Cabinet Alterations

Surprisingly many kitchens even modern ones do not have a dishwasher, especially in apartments and townhouses. We get many requests to install a dishwasher into a suitable section in the existing under bench kitchen cabinetry from scratch.

Although extension hoses can be fitted to install a dishwasher anywhere in the kitchen it is best to install a dishwasher from scratch as close to amenities (plumbing & power) as possible to the kitchen sink as it reduces installation costs both labour and materials. There is usually a 10amp power point under the bench top if not one will need to be fitted. It is unlikely that a dishwasher tap was provided and a dishwasher tap will need to be fitted to connect your new dishwasher.

We also do the swap over replacement dishwashers where an expired dishwasher is being replaced and minor cabinetry modifications are required. We are expert at installing German brands like Bosch and Meile, the Swedish ASKO, and Fisher & Paykel dish drawers. These appliances may require a more advanced installation and can take considerably more time to install. Many replacement dishwashers require the customers existing matching integrated cabinet door to be removed from their expired dishwasher and re-fitted to their replacement dishwasher.