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Many customers are reducing their family-sized 900mm high wall ovens at replacement time.

The customer has no further need for such a large oven, when most of the smaller 600mm high ovens will do the same job. There are also significant cost differences in the purchase of a 900mm high oven as opposed to a 600mm high oven. So what to do with that 300mm gap difference in height? One popular option is for Holcraft to supply and install an open-fronted microwave cabinet above their new 600mm high replacement oven, allowing the customer to fully utilize valuable cupboard space. For a truly integrated look, we can supply and fit a custom made-to-measure stainless steel trim kit for any size of existing/new microwave (stainless steel front microwave ovens look best) to match their new oven for a pleasing showroom finish. This saves the customer a considerable amount of money, valuable space, time and energy utilizing their existing oven housing cabinetry, a cost effective option.

For a true showroom finish we can also supply & fit a deep pot drawer under the customer’s new 600mm high oven. The drawer comes in its own carcass (cabinet), runs on high quality running tracks with matching stainless steel drawer-front and pull handle for a perfect match to compliment your new 600mm high oven. Blending seamlessly to look like it’s part of your new oven. This option is a very cost effective way of filling that 300mm gap (see photo gallery).

However many original Gas/Electric 900mm (approx 895mm) high ovens in original cabinetry do get replaced with very similar 900mm ovens but it is very rare for them to fit as they have the old fashioned protruding trim kit around the front face of the cabinetry, the cut out and retaining battens (if any) are also very different. We will install your new oven flush with the face of your original cabinetry with a custom made stainless steel/other trim kit which looks like it’s part of your new oven, again a pleasing showroom finish is achieved. The same applies to many under bench ovens, where the customer has an original 720mm high oven with separate grill and wishes to replace it with 600mm high oven with integrated grill in the oven compartment.

All installations are carried out by our top class technicians. The finished product must consistently compliment and enhance the appearance of the customers new appliances. Most importantly the finished product must present that no alterations have taken place and that the kitchen cabinetry was designed for the new appliances from the outset.