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Rangehoods and Ducting

Rangehoods and Ducting

Holcraft are the range hood and external ducting experts, we will beat any reasonable quote.

Please keep in mind that installation of some brands/models of range hood's is very specialised and highly skilled work. Customers are upgrading to the more modern stylish slide-out range hoods, as opposed to their existing non-slide model. Modification's are required to overhead cabinetry when replacing non-slide-out to slide-out range hoods.

Please be advised some range hood installations are a two person job, technician and helper. The scope, range, and versatility of range hoods on the market today are many so it’s important to choose the one that’s right for you. Depending on your budget and requirements range hoods cost from one hundred and fifty to many thousands of dollars. They usually come in stainless steel or white. There are many different brands, sizes, shapes and extraction ratings (speed at removing cooking smells from the kitchen) Most range hoods do pretty much the same job, the difference is in the ducting. Re-circulating range hoods are nowhere near as efficient or effective as externally ducted range-hoods, especially if you do a lot of cooking. If you have or choose a replacement gas cook top or dual fuel free standing cooker, external ducting is essential.

External ducting is extra (quote required) its specialised work, especially when ducting through the roof when through-wall ducting is not possible. The quieter, more sophisticated and bigger the range hood (more powerful motor etc) the more they cost. Similarly this pertains to stand alone wall mounted canopy type range hoods with flue cover to ceiling. All range hoods can be ducted. Ceiling mounted (designed for island work benches) and overhead cabinetry (motor hidden) slide-out range hoods are engineered to be externally ducted. If external ducting is not within your budget right now charcoal filters can be fitted to many new range hoods in re-circulating mode at very reasonable cost, check with your retailer.
We can fit any replacement range-hood into any situation, even if it is totally different to your current range-hood.