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Stovetops Gas and Electric

Stovetops Gas and Electric

Gas and Electric hotplates are sold in a bewildering array of models in 3 burner 4 burner 5 burner Wok burner etc.and that’s just the gas hotplate’s.

Gas hotplates are sold configured for Natural gas but can be easily changed to LPG ( liquid petroleum gas) by changing the burner jets from Natural to LPG adjusting the gas pressure etc. Once installed they are fully commissioned by our Gasfitter. If you require your original gas/electric bench top opening to be enlarged or reduced to install your new appliance or fit a custom made trim for a showroom finish, relax we do it all at a fraction of the cost of replacing your bench top, that’s if you could find a match for your original bench top. Note: If you use a gas cook top it is an important consideration your range hood is externally ducted.. Electric induction hotplates which cost more but are cheaper to run than a conventional electric ceramic hotplate.

Traditionally gas hotplates were the appliance of choice for the serious cook as the flame can be finely tuned but not anymore. These days a quality electric hotplate can do pretty much the same job. A word of caution before purchasing an Induction hotplate in place of your existing hotplate please check with Holcraft or your local Electrician that you have enough power to run your Induction hotplate as they require a lot more power than a conventional electric hotplate. Same applies when changing over from a Gas oven to an electric oven, it is more likely than not that a dedicated power cable will need to be installed from your fuse board to your new electric oven, this can be costly and you will need a quote for this work. If you wish to switch from electric to gas oven or hotplate from scratch, Holcraft has it covered.